Hoover GUV ProGrade Garage Utility Vacuum

What can you understand from the name of this product? Well, you understand that this is a Hoover product which ensures quality as this is a premium brand. The garage utility vacuum has a separate meaning. This means that this car vacuum cleaner is considered not only as one of the best vacuum cleaners but also as a pure tool for your garage. If you are confused then do not be as we are going to explain everything in details in this complete hoover for a car review. Read the review and find out whether this is the Hoover for your car or not.

Hoover GUV ProGrade Garage Utility Vacuum

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Important Features

Rugged & High Performing

If you are one of those car owners who love rugged products then this something that will definitely catch your attention. This hoover for the car has everything to increase that inner peace of yours if you are a fan of ruggedness. The machine is a high capacity one with two focuses in mind. It has been built in a way so that you can not only use it inside your car but also to clean your garage. The Garage is always messier than your car and this will help you to make things decent again.

Hoover Powerful but Quiet

When you get a hoover for a car, there is a perception that this machine will make you go wild. The look tells you that story and the heavy motor and cords support that theory too. You will actually be amazed once you plug the vacuum cleaner into the plug. Though the machine is very powerful with a 10 amp motor, you will hardly hear any noise from it. Noise might not sound like a big issue (noise might not sound is an irony) right now but it actually is and anybody who uses a car vacuum will tell you the same story.

Utility Attachments


It is always nice to get those extra attachments with your main machine. Obviously, you do not buy a machine because of those extra utilities but as this is a machine that works for both your car and the garage, you actually need a few utilities to make things right. The company Hoover knew about that and that is why; you will never feel the emptiness with Pro Grade. It comes with around seven different types of cleaning attachments. Apart from that, you will also receive a few wands, crevice, tools and an extra nozzle.

Good Nozzle

A good nozzle is what every car owner wants and as you will also be cleaning out your garage with this same tool, a proper nozzle is important. Think about it for a second. Your car is nothing but a clean garden if you think about your garage and the mess there. We are talking about the general perspectives. You might say that your garage is super clean but that is not always the case. To keep both your car and garage clean, you need a great nozzle and that is what you get with this machine.

Cleaning Brush


Again we will have to repeat the same things. As this is a machine that you will be using in your garage as well as in your car, you need a good brush and that is exactly what you get with this tool. The brush is good enough to make sure that you can clean the outer surface of your car as well as the inside. Apart from taking care of your car, you can try cleaning even the walls of your garage with the help of the cleaning brush.

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  • Rugged look and design
  • Good motor
  • Quiet nature


  • Has a long cord

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.Can I use it to suck water from the surface?
A.No, you cannot. The machine is designed to clean dust and dry dirt from surfaces.

Q.Can I make the cord long?
A.Yes, you can. You will have to buy separate cord sets and attach that with the main cord set.

Final Verdict

As you can understand from the review, one heavy benefit is managing your garage too with the same tool. If you do not need that part, you may rethink. If that is not an issue, you can go for the machine.


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