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Eureka is considered as one of the best handheld car vacuum cleaners in this planet. They have a good collection of the best handheld vacuum for a car and this is one from that collection. This soothing vacuum cleaner can easily be a good fit for your car. It is one of those small items that you do not think much while buying. The price is a reason behind that. We will talk about this interesting model in the article. We will be covering it in detail starting from the features up to the cons. Let’s start the cleaning process.

Eureka Easy Clean Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

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Features to Know must

Different Designs

There are a lot of people who love to go for different designs. Though design does not directly affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner, there are people who love certain looks or colors. If you are one of them then this is a perfect choice for you. The Easy Clean from Eureka comes in different colors and in different shapes. Apart from being different in terms of colors, they are different in terms of some features too which is pretty interesting.

Handheld Car Vacuum Good Suction

Good suction takes your handheld car vacuum cleaner and makes it the best car vacuum cleaner within minutes. A good section is very important as this is the thing that makes sure that you do not have spare dust on your car seat or even on the ground area of the car. Most of  the vacuum will promise you that they have great suction power but at the end of the day, only a few are telling the truth. This machine does not have the best of the suction power either but it is good enough.

Long Cord

Handheld Car Vacuum

Eureka Easy Clean Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

A huge long cord does not suit most car users but it can be a benefit too if you really think about it. As the cord is around 20 feet (huge and actually there is nothing bigger than this in the market), you can easily park your car far from the socket. If you do not have electricity cap in your garage then you can bring it from your home too with the help of the cord. Still, we think if you can go for the cordless option then that would be better but this is not bad either.

Standard Motor

The Eureka motor is good enough to support the machine for a long period of time. In most cases, it is seen that the motor is the part that faces problems. If you find someone telling that their vacuum cleaner is broken, chances are high that it is the motor that they are talking about. This motor is capable of providing support for a long period of time. This is not one of those ultra fast motors but is a stable one to handle the pressure.

Very Lightweight

Handheld Car Vacuum

This is probably the best feature of this vacuum cleaner. The cleaner is so lightweight that you will not even feel like you are working while using it. The weight is just around 4 pounds which are super light. You can use it with one hand and even with a few fingers. Though it will take some time to clean the car, you will not feel irritated or tired because of the weight at least.

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  • Weights less than five pounds
  • Different color and feature options
  • Good motor
  • Stable machine


  • The long cord
  • Average features

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.Can I plug it into my car?
A.You can do that only if you have a great generator inside the car. Otherwise, you cannot but the extension cord is so big that it does not become a problem. You can easily use the cord to plug in a socket anywhere in your home or in roads.

Q. Does it work with space bag?
A.Yes, it works perfectly with the space bags.

Final Thoughts

It is not one of those power machines which will suck up all the dust within seconds. This is a low priced version and you need to keep that in mind while taking the final decision. This is not the best car vacuum cleaner ever but handheld car vacuum is a very good one if you think about the price.


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