Black & Decker PAV12v Automatic vacuum cleaner

When you are looking for the best car vacuum cleaners, it is probably a good idea to stick to the best brands. It is no brainer that the best brands have a high chance of coming up with quality cleaners. Black & Decker PAV12v car vacuum cleaner is exactly one of those types from the brand Black and Decker. The 12v car vacuum cleaner review will include everything that you need to know about this product starting from the features up to the cons and FAQ. Read and find out on your own that whether you will call this the best car vacuum cleaner or not. We consider this a good one.

Black & Decker PAV12v

Black & Decker PAV12v Automatic vacuum cleaner

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Notable Features

12v Car Vacuum Cleaner Handheld

When you are going for a car cleaner, you really do not want to buy a car vacuum which will have a long cord with baggage. Though they are great for your home and office, they will be terrible for your car and that is why this 12v car vacuum cleaner is exactly what you need. The handheld feature makes sure that you can easily pick and move it with one hand that gives you enough comfort and ease. Come on! At the end of the day, who wants to spend all their body power on vacuum cleaners?

Easy Control

This is one part which is hugely neglected when it comes to car vacuum cleaners. Think about it for a second. The whole idea behind going for the best car vacuum is actually simple. We have a problem and we need to solve it in the easiest possible manner. In this case, our problem is that we have dust in our car and the solution is to use a car vacuum cleaner to get rid of it. When those vacuums make things complex with weird buttons and stuff, which is really annoying. This one is simple.

A Ton of Accessories

Black & Decker PAV12v

Black & Decker PAV12v Automatic vacuum cleaner

It is not the only reason that why we are calling this 12v handheld vacuum cleaner a great one but it feels nice for sure. Everyone loves cool accessories and when you get a ton of them for free with the main purchase, things are even better. When you will buy a Black and Decker PAV1200W, you will receive a crevice tool, a hose, a brush and also a storage bag. This is probably the only cleaner that offers so many extra items. You might not need all of them, but it always feels nice.

Good Nozzle

Now let’s think about the business tasks. What is the benefit of a sharp and pivot nozzle? Well, you do not need to be an Einstein to figure that out. As the nozzle is sharp and pivot, you can easily sneak around in the ground area of your car as well as to the middle of the car seats and to those tough corners. The nozzle allows you great movement and reach. Therefore, you can always ensure that there is no dust left in the car once you clean it up with the cleaner.

Great Brush

Black & Decker PAV12v

Black & Decker PAV12v Automatic vacuum cleaner

You will receive an interesting brush tool with the machine. Most vacuum cleaners (especially the car vacuum cleaners) do not have brushes inbuilt but this is a different one. With the brush tool, you can easily make sure that there is nothing on the surface of your car, on bonnets and even on the outer areas. We always thought that the vacuum cleaners will clean inside but it looks like now you can clean the outer sides too.


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  • Good motor
  • Great design (handheld)
  • Cyclonic action
  • 12-volt battery


  • Not a great option for very big cars (bus, truck or big cargo)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.Can I use it on a mini bus?
A.Technically you can but as it is a 12v model, you will have to spend a lot of time in cleaning the whole bus.

Q.Does it plugs into the cigarette lighter?
A.Yes, it does and it can easily be charged with the cigarette lighter area.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a great product to go for. The features are nice and the brand value obviously has a key role to play. All in all, you will definitely be satisfied with the performance of this cool and handy car vacuum.


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