Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L 20V Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for quality vacuum cleaners, there is a high chance that you are regularly ending up with Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L car vacuum cleaner models. It is not that the company pays us or anybody else money to promote them but as Black and Decker car vacuum cleaner is one of the oldest and most premium products out there, we have to review each of them. Anyway, The Platinum BDH2000L is another successful model with interesting features and a good price. We are going to cover everything about this product later in this article. Keep reading!

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L 20V Vacuum Cleaner

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Important Features

Cyclonic Action

The cyclonic action is one common feature that we see in most Black and Decker products and this is not a different one. The BDH2000L makes sure that the dust is shaken up properly before they are eaten. You need to shake the liquid before you drink it, right? Yeah, that is the whole idea. On reality, it makes sure that the dust is not stuck to the surface area of your car which is a common reason that why your car is never completely cleaned.

Dirt canister

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L 20V Vacuum Cleaner

Think about it. If you do not see dirt, how can you clean it? There is always that mental satisfaction that you need and this product makes sure that you have that satisfaction inside. The dirt canister makes sure that you can always see the dirt and the movement of it while cleaning the dirt. It may sound dirty but you should believe us! This actually enhances the motivation of cleaning your car by a huge margin. Try it and then you will understand.

Great Nozzle

A great nozzle is something that can never be compromised with other benefits. The nozzle will always make sure that you are reaching to the exact spots where the dust is located. Think about it for a second. If you are not able to reach near to the dust area, is there any point of a great motor or a good suction power? The answer is negative. There is no point in buying a product with great features if the nozzle is not good. Fortunately, the nozzle actually is good in this case.

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L Easy to Clean

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L 20V Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is there to clean your car but what about cleaning the vacuum cleaner itself? You cannot go for another cleaner to clean your vacuum and it always has to be a manual process. Think about it for a second now. All the dirt is there attached to your vacuum and now you have to clean it. Doesn’t that sound dirty? Well, this product makes the process easy. You can open up the whole cleaner and it is easily washable using simple water.


The Black and Decker products are durable in general and the case is exactly the same here too. The Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L is durable enough for a lifetime. If you use the product correctly, there is almost no chance that it will cause you or your car trouble. Some people say that the suction power gets weakened after a few years of usage but the chance is pretty low if you are dealing with the regular type of dust. If you are using it in your home too, then it might get wasted pretty soon.

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  • Very durable
  • Well priced


  • Suction power is ordinary

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Can I change the battery?
A.You on your own will not be able to change the battery as this is a built-in feature. A mechanic, however, can do that for you.

Q. Can I buy replacement filters?
A.Yes, you can. Replacement filters are available online and offline. You just need to match the product number before taking the purchase decision. A lot of people mix those up. Be a bit careful and you will be fine.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L is a good product to go for. Again, we do not consider it to be the best of all but with the price and the feature combination; this is a good grabber for most people. You should be satisfied with this product for your car on a long time basis.


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