Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum Review

If you are thinking what to choose from a wide range of vacuum cleaner then you should try once Bissell 1985 multi-cordless hand vacuum. This cleaning tool is able to clean floors and other surfaces as well as upholstery furniture. As it also can filter dirt from the air, it ensures healthier, cleaner air in your home. Further, by using the equipment you can accomplish your cleaning job fast, thoroughly and even quietly. In particular, for cleaning narrow terrain this kind of handheld vacuum cleaner is very advantageous.

Features (At a glance)

  • It has an ergonomic design with convenience soft grips for total cleaning control and comfort.
  • Use high-performance cordless technology, thus it is more portable.
  • Powerful enough, its 22V battery generates 100 watts of high flow power each time.
  • Come with so many specialized tools like dusting brush, extension wand, and on-board crevice tool.
  • Make cleaning easy for hard to reach spaces too.

Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum- Main Features

There are some incredible feature presents in this vacuum cleaner. In this case, it has an intuitive design and there is a lot to like about the multi-cordless handheld vacuum. Besides, it has a nice contrast of colors. Henceforth innovative design, portability and a rich collection of features make it the best car vacuum in the market.
Professional Grade 22V Lithium Lon Battery
The device uses a powerful 22V lithium battery. In this case, a fully charged battery provides up to 14 to 15 minutes fade free power. If you plug it in to charge, it will be fully recharged within four hours in normal charging or within one hour in boost charging. The battery pack comes with it is removable. You can even charge it while connecting the unit.
Bissell 1985Another good thing about this is it weighs only 3.9 pounds that are near under 1.8 kg. In this case, the center of the gravity stays in front of the handle when it kept horizontally. Otherwise, when it kept in the angle the gravity goes under the handle directly.
Attach Removable Dirt Bin
The dirt bin it provides is transparent. As a result, you can easily remove and empty the dirt bowl of the device. In view of the fact, it has 0.4 liters dirt bin capacity. However, this is a small cordless unit and performance is very much better than any other available cleaning tool.

In general, there comes two LED light that helps you cleaning in low light conditions to identify even a small spot of the dirt. But as it’s not designed for wet dry vacuum cleaner so don’t expect it to remove wet dirt. In spite of it works great for dry dirt you might remove wet dirt and liquids in some other way but not as good as cleaning for dry dirt.
Multiple Specialized Tools
To begin with, it has amazing onboard dusting brush. With this in mind, the manufacturer made the brush and bristles soft and gentle. It allows you sweep and vacuum dust and debris even from the sensitive surfaces. Moreover, a crevice tool attached to the handle. It will enable you to reach tight spaces and areas.
Well, the next is its motorized brush roll. These attachments help to clean pet hair and similar dirt from the carpet and upholstery. Alongside the Bissell 1985 multi-cordless hand vacuum also added an extension wand tool. With its help, you can clean surfaces and floors comfortably in standing.


  • The motorized brush makes it easier to get rid of pet hair.
  • Provide up to 15 minutes of powerful fade-free suction.
  • The removable battery offers more flexible, charging options.
  • It equipped with cordless technology to make cleaning more versatile.
  • It’s soft bristled dusting brush gently sweeps dust and debris.


  • Sometimes you need to charge the battery.
  • Suction power could be better.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: What are the tools that come in the box?
Answer: It has crevice tool, extending dusting tool, motorized brush roll, and dusting brush.
Question: Does this model work on bed bugs and dust mites?
Answer: Yes, it works great.
Question: Does this use a filter?
Answer: Yes, there is a washable foam filter located in the dirt cup.

Bottom Line

Most of the users gave it 10/10 for its impressive battery capacity. Further, all the added attachments are very handy and the suction power is commendable. Therefore, Bissell 1985 multi-cordless hand vacuum plays the best performance on removing all traces of pet hair from carpets and upholstery.


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